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Dog Daycare on the San Francisco Peninsula

Imagine a dog daycare service that picks up your dog at home or work, provides hours of playtime and exercise in a safe environment, reinforces her training and returns her home happy, calm and well-behaved. 

Nu Pawspective is an exclusive, home-based daycare program for busy professionals on the San Francisco mid- peninsula who don’t want to leave their puppies or dogs home alone.

Monday through Friday, Susan Wu, a professional dog trainer and certified dog walker, takes up to 10 dogs each day, selected for their size and temperament. Throughout the day, she provides lots of opportunities to train your dogs, to practice good manners and perfect new behaviors.


Puppy Train & Play

We accept puppies as young as 8 weeks old. Since we limit the program to a selective group of dogs who are healthy and fully vaccinated, you can feel confident that your puppy will stay healthy while learning to socialize with other dogs properly and perfecting her housebreaking skills. Puppies will be given special care and training as well as their own quiet place for down time.


Compatibility Assessment

In order to make sure that all dogs in our daycare get along well, we start your dog with a short day (2 – 3 hours) assessment.  Thereafter, you can choose between two, three, or all five days a week to meet your schedule and your dog’s needs. 

The Benefits of Nu Pawspective Dog Daycare

  • Pick-up and drop-off from your home or work
  • 4-5 hours of socialization, training, outdoor fun and indoor playtime
  • Good manners reinforced in a group setting with positive, science-based training methods
  • Small and small-medium size dogs only; 10-45 pounds



$185 includes Initial Consultation and Free Gifts

$60 per session; three sessions per week minimum requirement



How We Are Different

We give your dog regular exercise, mental stimulation, and social time with other dogs. The result? A happier, healthier, better behaved dog.

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Manners We Reinforce Daily



·      Sit

·      Stay

·      Come when called

·      No jumping

·      Leave it

·      No barking

·      Proper socialization

·      And many more

harnessed and seat-belted

sit, wait, cutie pies

catch me if you can

gentle wrestle