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Woodside CA, Hillsborough CA Dog Training

Get a well-behaved dog quicker and more effectively—by letting us train your dog for you.

After our initial in home consult, we begin training by coming to your residence (with you present or busy elsewhere), take your dog out for half an hour of energetic exercise, then spend an hour training your dog. No one else does this! The combination of exercise that calms your dog, the professional-level dog training, and frequent sessions mean that you quickly see improvements in your dog’s behavior. And at the end of the program, we show you how to maintain the nice, new manners.

Easy, right? Better yet, it’s affordable, saves you time and an intelligent investment for you and your dog. No need to attend classes for months on end only to find that the training commands don’t work in your own home.

Ready to get started? Call 650.817.5820 or email now.

Would you prefer one-on-one Private Dog Training Lessons? We do those, too!

Ask us about our one-of-a-kind Puppy Nanny Program for puppies between the age of 2 to 4 months.

What We Can Help With

Good manners

Sit, down, stay

Come when called

Loose-leash walking

Polite greetings



Puppy training

House-training (potty training)

Soft mouth training

Handling & socialization

Problem prevention

Alone-time training


Behavior problems

Fear, shyness


On-leash aggression/ reactivity

Nuisance barking


Family dog training

Preparing for dog & baby

Tots & tails safety

Teenagers & dogs

Bite prevention

How We Work

Initial consult: $185. In-depth 90-minute session where I evaluate your dog and get the training started.

Follow-up sessions: $130. 60-minute sessions. (Ask us about package discount.)

Puppy Nanny Program: $170. 90-minute per session.

Program length: Depends on your training goals (2 sessions per week for 4-6 weeks is typical).


"It's not good enough to tell a dog what you don't want him to do… instead, you need to show him how to give you a positive alternative." – R.K. Anderson, 1922-2012

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Positive Dog Training
Our scientifically proven, gentle training methods employ positive reinforcement to achieve positive results. These humane techniques tap into dogs’ natural motivators like food, play, and praise, and use them to change behavior without punishment or physical force.



Positive reinforcement is the ethical and effective training method used by professional animal trainers everywhere—the only method endorsed by humane societies and animal welfare organizations nationwide. 



Faradee is all tired out from an hour and half of training.


Skipper listens intensely for the next command.